How do I get in touch with my homestay students?

This is “Hoホームステイ留学生との連絡の取り方は?” Here’s the English translation of the sentence “I’m not going to do this” using a translation tool. In Japan, this application is still used and it’s very convenient. What’s the reason you all keep in touch with each other? So here you go.



Do you know the mobile phone retention rate in Japan?

As of the end of March 2017, Japan’s mobile phone ownership rate was 168%, which means that, roughly speaking, each person has 1.68 mobile phones.It’s true that at one point, Hospa also had two phones.(Reference: Quarterly data on the number and share of subscriptions to telecommunications services)

If you look around the world, the mobile phone spread rate in India for reference is about 80%, 93% in China, 105% in Mongolia where the image of the steppe spreads, and even in the African Republic, there is data such as 159%.Mobile phones are really becoming more and more popular around the world.

If you have a mobile phone, you have your own mobile phone number, which is your own number, right?My cell phone number is 080… no, let’s not do that.You won’t, but being on fire is scary.

It’s a modern day demon.I don’t want to deal with that kind of thing.Yeah. In Japan, the number that starts from 08, 190, 70 in the PHS era, and 050 in the fixed IP number is different depending on the model of the era.

Some homestay students do not have a Japanese mobile phone number.

As a matter of fact, there are some foreign students staying in Japan who don’t have a mobile phone number to keep in touch with.Not everyone has a mobile phone number in Japan, but not everyone has one.

Even so, the host family needs to keep in touch with the homestay students in some way.It is also necessary for them to inform their host families that they do not want to have dinner with them today or that they will be home late.

In the old days, you would search for a public phone and put in a phone card or a 10-yen coin and call the host family’s landline phone, but nowadays there are fewer families with landlines.

We don’t use a landline phone, we use our cell phones for communication.What’s more, as of 2017, we’ve been keeping in touch exclusively with some of the applications.

My main contact is LINE.

LINE is amazing, about 70% of the international students who came to our house knew about LINE and installed it again.

If you are reading this page, most of you are IT literate, but just to remind you, LINE is an app service that allows you to exchange phone calls and letter-like messages for free.

We teach our new homestay students the house rules and exchange line IDs with them.Sometimes I’m like, “What’s LINE, though I use whatsApp!There are some children who say, “I’m going to do this.(Especially the American ones.)

It’s a great way to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your life.And by making it sound like it’s the Japanese standard, I’m making them download it too.I’m sure they are spreading the word in their own countries as well.

As I mentioned here, the current population of Japan is about 126.67 million (Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications), but the number of LINE users seems to be 66 million.That’s 52% of the Japanese population, or one in two people, and more than half of them have downloaded it.It’s great.(As of July 2017)

It’s not a tool to communicate directly, but it’s the number one SNS in the world.Facebook.If you look at history, it is impermanent, isn’t it?How long is this trend going to continue?

It really is a book that facebook is a social networking service that unifies the world.It seems that 1.65 billion people in the world use it.A further tool for keeping in touch is Line, which has about 200 million people.I don’t do this Facebook because Hospa is like an IT fossil…

LINE is the most used way to keep in touch with each other, and it’s full of different stamps.At one point, “You can make a million yen with a LINE stamp!There were a lot of books and HPs like a slogan, and people like wolves who were aiming for it.

It seems that a person I have a light relationship with has also made inroads, but as a result, no one seems to have downloaded it at all.The mother count is over 120,000, so the visibility is low, but it’s 1/12,000! It’s not that the stamps are bad.It just doesn’t catch my eye.

Hospa has four of these line stamps in his handheld iPhones.I won’t mention what it looks like specifically, but I’ve included a generic paid LINE stamp.There are some stamps that you often see when exchanging LINE messages in Japan, but what’s interesting about this is the overseas LINE stamps.

It was a certain Thai boy, a teenager, and a solid boy to talk to.However, the line stamps that are sent to you are girly and cute. IMG_8117 When they sent it to me, eh?Hey, I was talking to a girl, wasn’t I?No, this is him in Thailand, do Thai boys use a girly stamp?This was not only for him, but also for the other Thai men.Maybe it’s just a fad, but when you change places, line stamps change too.

You’re so quick to respond to me on line.

It’s normal for a homestay student to take a long time to get back to me when I ask a question in a conversation.At dinner, “What did you study today?

If you throw out the word… It’s slow to respond, like, “…(10 seconds have passed) I went to Sky Tree.However, when I send a message via LINE, I get a response at a poof, poof speed.Why is this?

I was curious and asked him about it, and he told me that there is actually a translation function in LINE.It’s convenient.Here’s how to do it.

Jump to the description page of the LINE translation feature

“WORD PRESS” is too bad to use.(But I’m using it to get rid of ads, so I’ll use it for a while more. )

I didn’t know about this method.Maybe it’s just that I’m not up to date with the latest technology and information, but young kids these days, and it’s the same in other countries, are quick to acquire information.

Conclusion. I keep in touch with my homestay students mostly by LINE!

What’s more! But it’s a good idea to give them your cell phone number in case something happens to you.




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