5 counterplans against COVID-19 as a host family

※This is a translation of Hospa’s article, “ホストファミリーとしてのコロナ対策5点” translated into English and made into konjac miso flavor.  Jokes aside, please.(これはHospa君が書いた記事『ホストファミリーとしてのコロナ対策5点』を英語に翻訳蒟蒻お味噌味に仕立てたものです。冗談はさておき、どうぞ。)


At present, the sense of crisis due to the new coronavirus is increasing, but the company where I work has been taking measures for remote work a while ago. I usually go to work and work in the office, but remote work at home is different. It is very difficult for children to concentrate on their work in a garbage.

By the way, in the case of a general family, it is good to think about yourself and take measures, but since we are a host family, we need to consider international students who are staying.

Therefore, I would like to describe five points, specifically what the host family was alerting and what measures were taken.

1.Handmade and distributed the mask.

At present, it is difficult to get a mask at a supermarket in Japan. I could buy expensive masks on Amazon and Rakuten, but I didn’t buy those disposable masks at home because of the stupid pricing. Fortunately, I used the mask stock (50 per box), which I used.

However, one or two weeks ago, one of the international students said, “Do you have a mask, Hospa? I have run out of my mask. Please sell it if you have one.” I had a disposable stock, so if you weren’t willing to sell it, I would give you about 5 free copies. If only a disposable mask is used, it must be discarded in one use. At the moment, it’s irrelevant, so I told them how to extend their life by putting gauze or a cloth sheet under a disposable mask. This gives you 5 masks for 2-3 weeks.

Still, I didn’t know if a disposable mask would be available in the next few weeks, so I asked Hosma to wash it and create a mask that could be used multiple times. (This is an image mask.) These will be distributed to homestay students and surpassed for a while! And when I went out to take measures against corona. (Just because you wear a mask doesn’t completely prevent corona, but I think it’s better than nothing.)

2.Warning for hand washing gargle

Not only did homestay students wear masks, but they also encouraged them to wash their hands when returning home. Looking at it, teenage international students sometimes don’t mind if they come back from outside, or do not wash their hands or gargle.

So when I came home, I tried to say multiple times, saying, “Washed your hands? Do you wash your hands thoroughly with soap? Just washing your hands will help prevent infection.”

Even those who do not usually care so much, you can see that nowadays this corona is popular, going to the hand washing place with a feeling of “ Oh, yes, soudatta ” and carefully washing hands with soap .

Especially in Corona, we need to pay more attention to elderly people and families with small children, so not only homestay international students who are part of the family and have childlike parts, but also homes with actual small children Now we have to be more careful.

3.We keep up to date with breaking news from Japan.

If you are in your home country, you may be able to find out just by hearing the breaking news. However, it seems that it is a little difficult for international students who have no problem with conversation in everyday life to understand Japanese such as TV news programs, and even watching TV together, “ What does this mean? You ask? ”

Perhaps you are checking your home country news on your native language application or mobile phone, but as Governor Yuriko Koike announced, Work at home as much as possible on weekdays '' It may not be clear to the Japanese that you can ask yourself to refrain from going out, such as refraining from going out on the weekend, such as refraining from unnecessary emergencies.

For that reason, Hospa tries to keep them informed of corona in Japan and breaking news and news from time to time. Again, when speaking verbally, I speak and communicate in Japanese first, and if the person does not understand it, I will try to communicate again in English. In addition, when sending these emergency news such as breaking news by line etc., it is difficult to hit it, and it is important that English is sent to children who understand English faster.

By the way, when I told my homestay students about the current situation, I was sharply pointed out that “Japanese people are going to see cherry blossoms (cherry blossoms) in such a situation, so they do not feel a sense of danger” (sweat)

4.We warn you not to go out.

This is just before corona became popular, and in Tokyo the atmosphere of “it’s better to stop eating and drinking at night” is coming.

The mood was for Japanese to return home as soon as their work was over, but homestay students from abroad said, “Okay! Weekend! There were things that seemed scary and disappeared in the downtown area at night.

They go out and come in contact with different people and do not know where to bring the coronavirus back.

So, in order to protect both themselves and our host family, we should refrain from going out unnecessary or having lots of people on weekends, ” said the Governor of Tokyo. Before the announcement, my host family requested that international students refrain from going out.

I don’t know if it’s working, but for now, my home is all fine.

5.Enhance physical strength from the nutritional aspect.

I don’t like it when my physical strength is weak, so I decided to take care of my diet.

Japanese food is rice with various items and vegetables are also available, but some international students eat only meat and leave vegetables every time.

It is good to be able to live, but now nutritional balance is also important.

That’s why we asked Hosma to provide a lineup of easy-to-eat meals that are gentle on the body and nutritionally a little more than usual.

I don’t know how far the fight against this corona will last, but if you’re reading nutrition and sleeping and resting well, take some measures to get over them!

Hospa March 2020



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