Will my host family improve my foreign language skills? 

※This is a translation of an article previously written in Japanese by Hospa into English by Hosma using a translation application. So it may be a bit difficult to read English. Then please!

(※これは以前にHospaが日本語で書いた記事をHosmaが翻訳アプリを使って英語に翻訳したものです。 なのでちょっと読みにくい英語かもしれません。 それではどうぞ!)


When I was looking at a site that wanted a homestay overseas (English speaking country), I asked the question, “Does homestay improve my English?” I felt like a guided Q & A saying “I can improve my English skills by doing a homestay!” This can be declared with dogmaticity and prejudice, which can be said through your own study abroad experience. Just staying in a homestay will not improve your foreign language skills!

Children who are 2 to 4 years of age who have remarkably improved their linguistic skills take their mother’s tongue every day like a shower, and also stream from TV, radio and other media in their daily lives. The incoming voice, the people around the child will probably speak the same words as the parent, but if you touch the words like breathing, you can learn in a relatively natural form of repetitive work As you may know, after becoming an adult, simply putting yourself in the environment is not enough in a passive posture, and your language skills will not increase unless you learn actively! !

I don’t mean that I have a lot of English proficiency, and it is good that writing is broken, but I can say what I want to say in English, and if I do not understand the words I want to say, I have to say another way He has the ability to be able to express and, to some extent, the ability to understand what the other person is saying, and the English and fluent skills at which he can read and understand the English newspaper.

I can’t say that I’m so excited again, but as an opinion, I think it is necessary to improve my foreign language proficiency. “I do not associate with my own people at the study destination. I associate with the local people. (However, this is difficult.)” “I will increase my vocabulary for the time being.” “I will increase the opportunities to speak and listen to English anyway.” If you don’t do it you won’t learn.

Returning to the title because it is becoming an article on improving language skills, “Whether or not a host family can improve foreign language skills!” Is also the same as above, under the same roof as the host family Just living with foreign homestay children will not improve your foreign language skills.

When I’m a host family, the people around me just look at the surface of my home, saying, “I hope my foreign language (English) ability is growing!” And “It’s good for children’s language education!” This is the same as above.

Basically, children who come to Japan and live in a Japanese home want to talk in Japanese. Therefore, daily conversation is in Japanese. I am talking to international students in Bashibashi Japanese such as children. In my case, I speak twice in Japanese and supplement it in English if it doesn’t work. After that, it is very important to translate things that need to be surely communicated in the native language of that country with the help of apps and google teachers.

So again, just because you’re a host family doesn’t improve your foreign language skills from ordinary conversations in everyday life. Rather, “Japanese speaking skills that international students who are learning Japanese can understand” will be improved. If it is broken Japanese, the other party may not understand it, and it may not be easy to communicate unless you speak properly according to the grammar. There are many homestay students who are not yet fluent in Japanese.

Although I wrote that “ just having a host family does not increase foreign language proficiency, ” having a host family gives you the opportunity and opportunity to acquire the native language skills of children in the host country. Is a fact. For example, our children can speak French, which is urgently needed. Specifically, it’s just a really simple word “I want to eat!” Fired when a French homestay student has sweets.

This is because I asked, “What do you want to eat in your country’s language?” It is a study from everyday life, but if you repeat this, you will learn. But I don’t talk like this every time. However, if you teach Japanese and have your partner teach you the language, repeating such opportunities will improve your foreign language ability.

Be careful because the reason why you become a host family is that it is good to improve your foreign language. Homestay students who come to Japan are not teachers in foreign languages, but rather are many students. It is their homestay side that comes to study Japanese culture and the language of Japanese.




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