How long is the homestay acceptance period?

※This is an article written by Hospa before translated into English by Hosma using a translation application. It might be a bit strange English.But you may understand a little about the situation of international students in Japan.
Then please!
(※これは以前にHospa君が書いた記事を、Hosmaが翻訳アプリを使って英語に翻訳したものです。 ちょっと変な英語かもしれません。でも日本の留学生事情が少しはわかるのではないでしょうか。 それではどうぞ!)


Traveling can be as short as two days and two nights, three days and two nights, and you can travel from one month to several years in various places. Hospa feels that living every day of life is a journey in the first place, but in the case of homestay it is not a trip but a life.

There are various opinions

When I talk to the people around me about homestay students, I think that younger generations and those who can see things positively can support culture, such as room sharing, or “It looks interesting. You can hear positive voices like “It’s nice like a house” and “I’m glad I can exchange cultures.”

From a slightly older age group and conservatives, you can think of “It’s hard? Welcome people from different cultures to your home” “It’s dangerous to live with strangers?” “Communicating with others” There are times when you hear the opinion that there is no such thing when you actually try it.

Frequently asked questions

In such conversations, along with individual opinions, questions such as “What are you doing in daily conversation?” “What kind of people come?” “What are international students doing in Japan?” One question is, “How long will homestay students stay at Hospa’s house?”

The long-term, short-term and international students’ cases differ, but according to my past homestay acceptance record, it is one week for a short person. Longer people have repeated the extension for more than a year. However, in most cases, the stay is about 4 to 8 weeks, and the ratio of short stay (short term stay) is about 80% and long stay (long term stay) is about 20%.

The host family can also choose the period

In our home, the children of the short stay were frequently replaced, but when that happened, they talked a lot and got to know each other. After experiencing this, I came to think that this was a bit lonely.

Also, when my home has no reservation for homestay and there is room available, I accept short-stay international students, but basically I want to stay for a long term, “I study at a Japanese language school to go to a Japanese university International students with the purpose of receiving such priorities are given priority.

If you are a long stay, if you teach at any time, such as “everyday conversation that you will not learn at a Japanese language school”, it will return that daily conversation and you can see their growth There is also fun. By the way, recently, when I taught the slang of “growing”, a reaction saying “Japanese culture is a funny thing!” And a hatena saying “I do not understand well” returned.

Homestay applicants only need to confirm the length of time they will stay in Japan before accepting them, so he says, “I am worried at first, so I would like to accept them in a short period of time and try to see if I can continue with my host family.” In that case, you only need to greet stay applicants who want short stay.

And if you have experience of accepting foreign students and say, “Oh, this is all right” or if you want to face one person carefully, I think it would be good to accept a long-stay child. After all, there is also a compatibility, so if you accept a person who says that it is a little incompatible, you need to know in advance that you need to face it for a long time.

At the moment, at home, there is no such thing as “I don’t like this stayer”. Of course, there are some silent children and some who do not adhere to the house rules of our house, but we see them as “looking at them, their character”.
(I’ll write for homestay students, but basically they are all good people with sparkling eyes on Japanese culture !!)

Next month, a former businessman who stayed at my home will come to Japan on vacation and will come home to my home for about two weeks. In addition, we will talk about each other’s life on a fall night deepening while opening red wine. Oh, let’s drink turmeric if it is going to be a heavy drink (; ‘∀ `)



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