Reason why our house started Host family in Tokyo (Hosma side point of view)

※This is an English translation of an article previously written in Japanese. Hosma, who is not good at English, translated it with the translation app. It seems a bit strange English, but please enjoy it. Then please!


Good morning. Hello. Good evening. I’m Hosma, the host mother of my host family.

Under the direction of Hospa-kun, I wrote this article, “How did my home start a host family?” My home is led by Hospa. It’s usually Hospa who starts something. It was Hospa who said he would start a host family. I have no active motivation.

Even so, if you say that I have no chance, the story will end, so let’s say why Hospa agreed when he said he started a host family.

I really didn’t want to be a host family.
The first time Hospa first wanted to be a host family, he was almost someone else, saying, “Hey, good.” Because I didn’t really think I would.

When the curtains and beds were set up in the children’s rooms (planned) that were still young and did not need their own room, the realism was so low that I thought, “Are you serious?” .

Hospa has been serious since he was serious. For me, who also had difficulty communicating in Japanese, the worries were overwhelming.

It looks like you are living with a foreigner in your living room. You have to teach English instead of teaching Japanese, and that’s right. Talk to natives in the house, what an international! Intercultural exchange is wonderful.

… But what about someone else in the house? ! I don’t know what it means.

ヽ (` Д´) ノ

It’s like that. Living with an international student who does not speak Japanese, even though you have never shared a room with a Japanese person? ? You’re shy? ? Bring a manual for now!

Despite the depression, try it now and accept the first international student who is convinced that you should quit if you are really no good. Until we start, there are a lot of things that are awkward. … Isn’t that different for anyone other than me? I was worried about baldness due to stress, but I have not bald yet. It was okay.

Yeah, everything was fine. The first international student was good. He was an adult and the distance was good. He was a member of society, and it was natural for him to do himself, so there was no need to take care of this. I had traveled to Japan before and had the foundation for Japan.

Thanks to him, the hurdle for international students inside me has dropped sharply, and I was wondering if I could continue.

So, the reason I became a host family is paradoxical,

I was surprised when I tried it
was. Yes, humans are animals that get used to everything immediately. If you are lost, you may want to try it and accept it.



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