What should I prepare for accepting a homestay? (first half)

※ This is an article that Hosma previously wrote in Japanese and translated into English by Hosma using a translation application. So it might be a bit strange English. For his honor, Hospa’s English proficiency is by no means bad.

I would be glad if you know that the Japanese host family is preparing and waiting like this.
Then please!


When you do a host family, you may be wondering what to prepare if you want to start a new one and try to do it. Therefore, I will write here what I have prepared and what I have done when I welcome foreign students.

1) First, the room used by the homestay child
2 bedding set
3 desk and chair
4 desk lamp
5 A set of curtains to make the room comfortable
6 Lighting that makes the room comfortable
7 square meters air conditioning that makes the room comfortable
8 carpet
9 Securing space for international students in the refrigerator
10 towel

Let’s add a supplementary explanation to each.

1 Rooms used by homestay children
This is definitely mandatory. In a private room where international students can sleep, study and become alone
Securing is mandatory. In my home, a small room is 4.5 tatamis, and a large room is 6-8 tatamis.
We have you use. It was a very short time, but at one time it was like a 4.5 tatami room in a shared room
I once had a student at the same school sleep. (I was so small at that time, sorry)

2 bedding set
Western students seem to be familiar with beds, but as described above
Putting a bed etc. in a 4.5 tatami room is too narrow! Therefore, in a small room, use a Japanese style futon
It is placed. However, depending on the room, a bed was prepared and installed.
When the children grow up, he will use the room provided to the international students.
I bought a bed, etc., with the feeling that it would be good to last about 5 years.
Because it is a thing, I intend to buy a new one again after a certain number of years.

3 Study desk and chair
This is also mandatory. It can’t be helped by international students studying in the living room or dining table
So desk and chair are prepared.
By the way, if I have a little more HP creation skills, the desk &
I will introduce the chair. ↓ (this is it)

4 desk lamp
I prepared a desk, but when studying without a desk lamp my hands and body
The desk lamp is not indispensable because it is difficult to study in the shadow.
But I think it is one of the better things.

5 A set of curtains to make the room comfortable
This depends on the interior and taste of the host, but it is too patterned and
Not a flicker, but a monotone pattern that fits in the room + soundproofing + shading

I thought that flame protection would be good, so I started using such curtains at homestay from the beginning.
I put it in the room used by the child.

6 Lighting that makes the room comfortable
This is also a favorite of the host side, but I am from where the stayer is on the bed
However, you can install something that can be turned on and off with a remote control, or with a speaker in some rooms
And set the lighting. For music lovers and Japanese technology lovers
Reputation is excellent. This ↓ [Hey, I’m going to put an image here. ]

7 square meters air conditioning that makes the room comfortable
I think this is already mandatory and should be included. After all, spend time in the room in the hot summer
It seems pitiful to do it, and I hate cold personally, so the winter cold, the room can withstand
It’s too poor to make homestay kids feel the same.
(Note: If you do not teach house rules, stayers will keep air conditioning on all day.
And leave the house. Energy saving air conditioner is recommended. )

8 carpet
Most children bring large luggage (trunk case),
The flooring will be damaged if it is rattled. It ’s better not to worry,
The tire that dragged outside is also dirty, so there are rubbery marks on the flooring
leave behind. Also, if you set up a study desk and chair, the floor will be
It is good to set a carpet in a part of the room because it is easily damaged.

9 Securing space for international students in the refrigerator
When the stay children get used to Japan, they go to convenience stores and supermarkets themselves,
They buy their favorite sweets, drinks and food. So a certain amount in the refrigerator
If you create a space and say “you can use this place”, you will be pleased.

10 towel / bath towel
In our house, we prepare towels exclusively for children staying at home. First in Japan
There are children who do not bring slightly larger bath towels, so it is a little care and care. Also, if you give each child a towel, even if the dryer and washing machine are finished, you can tell that this laundry is his because the towel is included.

Continue in the second half!





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