Reason why our house started Host family in Tokyo (Hospa side point of view)


It might be bit tough to make relation ship with new people if you are shyness.
Even more I`m not exactly sure how many people prefer to live in the same roof with
complete strangers, but at least our house, including my kids, we are enjoying
doing and being host family.


When I visited one of the Japanese language school in Japan, and had a chance to talk with the school principal and said “I have asked to accept home stay  student for the family at the high school where around 1,000 students exist, however we couldn`t  heard any good answers from whole of them. In this sense, what you are doing is rare case in Japan and you`d better spread out what you are doing for the society.”


Certainly, it`s true that to accept home stay students in your house is not easy because the house at city area in Tokyo is expensive and hard to have large enough house, as well as people, parents are too busy to afford welcome exchange students. And  I also listen tidbit that it`s ok just welcome  as a temporary guest to the house, but there is mentally
resistance to “live”together under same roof.


Now, I welcome home stay people as a host father, host family, the impetus to for
doing this comes from the young age memories. My father used to went to over sea
for job or travel I`m not sure, but he brough foreign sweets, chocolates, gums, gummys
and so on as gift for young me and my younger brother, those really attracted my fresh heart and made me though “what a wonderful amazing things are in overseas!”
External effection especially in young age are more powerful!


At that time, I guess I was about 4 to 7 years old, and the longings to overseas such as “more AMAZING THINGS exist oversea! culture over sea are big fun!!” are surely sowed in my heart. The seed germinated, then I started to go to private English lesson  when I become age of around 10, thinking “English would be the key to connect to the world!  I would be able to communicate with oversea people if I learn, I want to learn world language English!!”


At the time I became junior high school student, English teacher gave me chances to experience  English speech contest, had a pen pal friend, did volunteers using English.
One of the summer vacation when I was high school students, I was given opportunity to
study abroad for a month, and the meeting of elderly couple where I stayed as a home stay student was the one of the meeting of fate. I hope D grappa, J gramma, doing still good.


Those elderly couple faced to me sincerity though I was having strong spirit to communicate but poor skill, they gave me extraordinary experience such as attending English style party, had  birthday party, petit travel, and showed me car auction and so on. Still I was teen ager, I felt like I appreciate their kindness so I want to be able to return this favour somehow in the future, also I want to be host family like them. My real experience in young age is the now`s motivation.


Life sometimes doesn`t goes straight, same as mine, there had twists and turns but somehow I could gain the new house with some beds room for accepting home stay guests in tokyo. My will started at 17 years old and it took me 15 years to young little kid dream came true, at the age of 32. I`m relly happy for able to do what I wanted to do when I was young, and fully appreciate for the chance for those exchange students who stay my house.


However, I still don`t think I`m doing as same good as those elderly couple did to young me, I`m still studying hospitality and tracing and chasing their back, way they did.


I will run out in favour one day in the future when some of the home stay students
who stayed my house though“It was awesome time having opportunity staying their home stay in Japan”. It will take soooooo long time for the flower bloom. My everyday activities are sowing of exchange culture for the next generation.


It sounds and looks like white wash that I write in this HP thinking about my back history and thought turned my young age,  What I`m thikngin are returning favour in my way, social contributions involving my wife (Hosma) and kids. And I have a dream many families in Japan welcome more  home stay people from over sea giving chance of doing it especially in sensitive young age group.   May be it`s my self satisfaction but I predicate it`s my life work.


Backing to the title, my family, especially my point of view, this is the reason of starting
being host family. Of course I think every body could start with different reasons like “want to do volunteer” “want to give oversea experience to kids being in Japan” “wanna do something fun”. Reason something like these will be ok because start and motivation for everybody are individual.


Although I mentioned above, I hope you have kind welcome heart if you really decide to
welcome home stay students, because some of those students hearts are filled with happy expectation, but also covered with worries and pressures. So remove those anxious just accept with open mind and heart.


Nowadays, according to the Japan Studenst organization in record of 2016, there are about two hundred forty thousand over sea students coming from the world into japan. I want to be one of the cornerstone to help those number up. By the way, The home stay kid in our house cooks French crepes dinner for the family, so I will smashly smack my lips tonight.


Hospa   on 13th Sep, 2017




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