For firster, thanks for visiting, it`s my idea in this HP.


Good morning, hello, good evening, thank you for visiting this HP.
I`m paternal roll host father called “Hosfa”and my wife, maternal roll
host mother called “Hosma”, we are doing host family as a life work joy,
welcoming   exchange students and people who are interested in staying in Japanese house, our house is located 3km away from Tokyo station in Japan.



We begun to stat as a host family since May 2016, and welcoming exchange students and
people who have several reason and interest in Japan.

So farm we have welcomed People from France, America, Tahiti, Australia,
Spain, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand. We are more welcome to accept
new people from countries where we haven`t shared life yet.



As I mentioned “several reason and interest”above, some students I interviewed
said “I want to begin new business after leaning Japanese”,“There are only
some university in my country and it`s hard to enter, so I decided to start
my new life in Japan”.

These are sounds decent reason coming to Japan, but also same said unique
reasons like “I want to be a mangaka! so I came Japan to study how to draw”
“I`m here to make Japanese girl friend , and bring her my country as my wife”
and passively comment like“coz my mother said I should Go” lol.



By the way,  recently “Share house”“Guest house”“Contemporary House”,
and“temporary house”or “Air BNB”are becoming popular than before.
It makes me think culture in Japan is also becoming open to over sea.




Although that, what we want to do is not only just provide accommodation,
but what we do is to share the everyday life teaching Japanese culture who
stay in our house, and also we learn there culture, sometimes going out together
at weekend and having party on Friday and so on. It`s like a life melting sharing.



One of the reason why I and my dearest wife opened this HP is to share the
fun things, culture difference, over sea people local culture, and also including
our honest difficulties living together with home stay people for those who haven`t
experienced something like this, because our life style could be minority group
and sharing this would be somehow help others and make fun too I though.




This HP will be made by Me (Hospa) and my wife (Hosma) , those two together
sharing this and put everyday records also memory, useful information in it.
This Tokyo host family Home page grows with our daily life.



Gradually, We hope this HP helps increase the host who wants to try to do host family
in Japan, and want to increase exchange students as well as people who want to
travel and stay in Japan that leads to culture exchange between Japan and the world.
These are my real want and life work.


Everyday life is boring. you know someone who make life of your own full of fun?

It`s  not others, but YOURSELF!

Thank you for reading.

Hospa in Tokyo, Japan.   12th Sep, 2017


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